The Best Tool for Safety and Self Defense: Introducing the Tactical T2000 Flashlight

You only have to turn on the local news to begin feeling anxious and insecure about the world we live in. Theft, violence, murder and terrorism are all familiar terms and it is only natural that people are taking practical steps in their own lives to protect their personal safety and that of their loved ones. Whether it involves keeping a survival kit at home, a baseball bat behind the bedroom door or a weapon of choice on their person at all times, people are beginning to take action to protect themselves from the dangers that seem to be getting ever closer to home.

Preparing for a situation like this is a privilege you only have now while you are safe. Depending on their location and situation, everyone has different safety concerns. In a large city perhaps crime and terrorism are a little too close and rampant for comfort. For others, while they may be able to leave their house and car unlocked with little concern, they run the risk of breaking down by the side of the road in a dark secluded spot, or perhaps the threat of earthquake or hurricane may linger in the back of their mind.

One of the most practical and useful choices of survival tool is the tactical flashlight. This multipurpose tool acts not only as a flashlight but can double as a weapon too. This makes it extremely useful in an array of situations, whether it is an attack, break-in, disaster or other type of emergency. Tactical flashlights are being used by the Coast Guard, fire fighters, the police force, US Navy Seals, rescue services and many more professional bodies. Now they are becoming more popular in the lives of ordinary citizens too.

When disaster strikes, it could be too late. You cannot predict the future, so take the chance while you have it and invest in your personal safety and future with the Tactical T2000 Flashlight. This tactical flashlight is the best in its field when it comes to LED flashlights and is an essential tool for every household.

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What is the Tactical T2000 Flashlight?

If you are looking to invest in a tactical flashlight or even upgrade your existing model, the Tactical T2000 Flashlight will not disappoint. This tactical flashlight is of excellent calibre and is made from the best quality materials available. The body is made from aircraft aluminium and its sleek, practical design is modelled after the shape of an aircraft carrier. As a result of these expert design and manufacturing choices, this flashlight is extremely durable and easy to handle and use.

Even if the flashlight’s beautiful and practical design does not sell it to you, the powerful light produced is also extremely impressive. This flashlight promises not hundreds but thousands of hours of light. You would be pushed to find another flashlight on the market that offers everything that the T2000 does. If that were not enough, how does a discount of 75% off the original price sound? This incredible offer seems too good to be true, but that is what we are offering right now. Do not miss out on this limited time offer to invest in the future security of you and your family.

Very few other flashlights will be designed and created to this quality level. The unique combination of durable materials, strong light power, huge light life and the impressive specifications of the T2000 make it the best investment you can make when it comes to preparing yourself for unforeseen circumstances. The T2000 offers three primary functions: a light to see by, a powerful light to blind attackers and intruders, and a portable weapon to use for self-defense purposes.
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The Tactical T2000 Flashlight is Expertly Designed

The T2000 stands apart from all other tactical flashlights. It is uniquely crafted with quality and practicality leading the design and manufacturing decisions to ensure that you have a quality product that you can use easily and effectively when the need arises. When you are considering purchasing a tactical flashlight you need to know not only that you are getting the best value for money, but that the device will actually serve you when you need it.

The first thing that makes the Tactical T2000 Flashlight unique is the material it is made from. There is a reason that aircrafts are made from aluminium. Not only is this metal very light weight, but it is also incredibly strong and durable. The very same material used to build both airplanes and aircraft carriers has been used to make the T2000, making it easy to carry and strong enough to last. The size of the device also makes it very convenient to carry and store. The body of the flashlight measures 5.10 inches in length, and pulling out the expanding neck makes it 6.18 inches long. The hand grip area of the flashlight has a diameter of 1.10 inches in length, making it comfortable to hold and allowing a safe, firm grip.
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Specifications of the Tactical T2000 Flashlight

Not only is the body durable, but the lamp life on the T2000 is extraordinary. Over 88,700 hours of power is in your hands when you purchase the T2000. The creators of this tactical flashlight made lamp life a huge priority. After all, you never know how long you will be required to use a flashlight for. If you are lost and forced to spend a night or two sleeping somewhere unfamiliar while awaiting rescue, you will have enough light to last you for the ordeal. You want a flashlight you can depend on for as long as possible, whatever the situation. A natural disaster could leave your home without power for days on end. With the Tactical T2000 Flashlight you will never be left in the dark.

The T2000 lamp is powered by the Cree XM-L T6 LED emitter which is among the best around and is used by many well-known survivalists. The light itself has numerous settings you can choose from depending on the situation in which you are using it. The three light strength settings are high, medium and low, with the highest strength visible up to two miles away. There are two additional settings, SOS and strobe, that are available should the need arise, either for attracting attention or temporarily blinding an assailant. There are also focus settings on the T2000, which allows the user to focus the light exactly the way they want. These levels are X1, X250, X500, X1000 and X2000.
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What does the Tactical T2000 Flashlight do?

You may be wondering, why is such a fuss being made over something as basic and simple as a flashlight? Can a flashlight really save your life? Research has shown that a flashlight is an extremely effective method of self-defense and deterring criminals. Imagine posing for a photo outside at night. When the flash goes off, it takes your eyes a few seconds to adjust again. It can sometimes be an uncomfortable or even slightly painful experience. The Tactical T2000 Flashlight provides a light over 100 times as powerful delivered right into the eyes of the perpetrator, and with the strobe mode this is extremely disorientating. It can completely blind a person for several minutes, and these vital moments could save your life. When faced with a light this powerful shining directly into their face, your assailant’s first reaction is likely to be putting their hands up to their face to shield their eyes. It gives you the time to run away or attack the person. With a tool like this you immediately gain the upper hand and this could be all it takes to get you or someone else out of harm’s way.

A light does not have to be used in defense. It is also very useful to alert someone of your presence, or simply to move around in a dark place without injuring yourself. The light from the T2000 can be seen up to two miles away, so this really is a tool that is useful if you need to be noticed. A light can also be extremely useful when you are walking in the dark and you notice something suspicious. You can survey your surroundings, check your car before entering and keep a watchful eye on your property with a high quality flashlight. Not only does the T2000 provide you with reliable, powerful light whenever you need it, but it also doubles as a portable weapon to use in self-defense. Because of its durable nature, you can use your flashlight to strike blows on an attacker without damaging the flashlight.
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Who needs the Tactical T2000 Flashlight?

Whether you want to be prepared for a national disaster or just make your home a little more secure, the Tactical T2000 Flashlight is the tool you need. Some people will find themselves in difficult situations often due to lifestyle choices or their occupation. Others may just want peace of mind when they go to bed at night. No person is completely safe all of the time. There are numerous situations where a high quality tactical flashlight is extremely useful. Here are just a few examples:

A Breakdown on the Side of the Road

A breakdown is something you can never predict. Many times it happens in an urban area where there are plenty of people around to notice and help you. However, this is not always the case. Imagine breaking down on a dark, secluded road in an area outside of cell phone range. Suddenly the situation is a lot more dangerous. If you are blocking the road you can cause major danger to other vehicles coming along that route. However, with a powerful flashlight at your fingertips you can alert other motorists of your presence. Not only do you eliminate the danger to them, but you can use it to signal for help too.

Situations where Self-Defense is needed

The T2000 is made from aircraft aluminium, making it both lightweight and strong. This makes it very useful if you are approached or attacked by someone who means you harm. You have the option of using the light to disorientate and distract them, giving you the chance to run way. The strobe option is a useful effect in a situation like this. You also have the option of using it as a weapon to strike them with. The grip on the T2000 allows you to handle it steadily and its strength means you can deal blows with it without worrying about damaging the device.

Intruders in your Home

If your home has ever been broken in to, you will know that the fear and indignation does not disappear overnight. On the contrary, many people who have experienced this are left with scars of fear that prevent them from sleeping soundly for a long time to come. Victims of break-ins wish they had been prepared for the situation and afterwards are often seeking something that will deter burglars in the future. The powerful light from a tactical flashlight is an incredible effective, non-violent way of scaring off intruders. A bright light can cause shock, disorientation and temporary blindness that will deter an invader in your home. Just the fact that they have been noticed and exposed is often enough to scare them away. The T2000 gives peace of mind to those who have suffered from this situation in the past and arms them for the future.

Natural or Man Made Disasters

If something big goes wrong, you are suddenly plunged into a situation where no one is safe with no prior warning. In times like this, a tactical flashlight is an incredibly important tool to have. In such circumstances you could be left without power in your home for any length of time. With the T2000 in your possession you know that you have thousands of hours of light to use, which could prove invaluable in an emergency. If you need to get out of your house quickly at night because you are in danger, a powerful flashlight will prevent injury and make the escape easier and faster. There is also the option of using the SOS setting to send signals to rescuers, alerting them or your presence, and potentially saving your life and the lives of your loved ones.

If you have ever been a victim of any of the above circumstances then you will know how anxiety inducing and stressful they can be. Take a load off your mind and prepare for these situations with the Tactical T2000 Flashlight. It does so much more than let you see in the dark. Even if you have not experienced any of the situations personally, you can relax knowing you are well prepared with this tactical flashlight.
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How to Use your Tactical T2000 Flashlight Effectively

In order to be of use to you, your tactical flashlight needs to be light and portable, so that you can carry it around with no inconvenience. Thanks to its pocket size and light-weight material, the Tactical T2000 Flashlight is a great option for a portable tool. If you cannot carry your flashlight in way that does not cause you inconvenience, you will not use it. You will be tempted to leave it at home and this will do you no good when unexpected danger arises. It is worth getting to know your T2000 well so that you are able to use it quickly. Become familiar with the settings by practicing switching between them and activating them as quickly as you can. Remember also to practice so that you can activate certain settings without looking at the flashlight.

It is important that you establish a routine, giving your flashlight a place on your person. Whether it is in a pocket, handbag or a purpose bought carry case, make sure you have a home for your tactical flashlight. It needs to be somewhere where you can access it quickly without upsetting any of your other personal belongings or any weapons you may be carrying. In order to make best use of a tactical flashlight, you may consider owning more than one. This gives you the option, for example, of keeping one by your bed in case of a burglary, one in the glove compartment of your car to use if you break down at night, and one on your person at all times. Your T2000 flashlights need to become part of your life and routine if you want to make best use of them.

It is worth noting that your flashlight will not deliver the strength of other tools made for striking. For example, it will not have the power to shatter a window. However it is still an effective weapon in times of close range danger. To use the flashlight effectively, bring it down on the attackers face or head with as much force as possible. Use the device as if you were using the flashlight like a rubber stamp upon the person. By wielding it like this you maintain a firm grip and deal as much damage as possible, allowing you to escape.

Be careful if you are travelling with your tactical flashlight. In the past these have been confiscated by airport security teams as they can be deemed as looking like ‘striking weapons’. Put your T2000 in your checked baggage so that you do not run the risk of having it taken from you for security reasons.

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Purchase you Tactical T2000 Flashlight today

The Tactical T2000 Flashlight varies in cost depending on how many devices you purchase. They are sold both separately and in bulk should you require it. The best value is found when you buy at least three flashlights. While you personally may not have need of more than one, consider your other family members. Alternatively you could get a group of friends together and split the cost so you all get a great deal.

You are already guaranteed incredible value for money as we are currently offering a 75% discount on the T2000. With this huge discount, here is what you will pay for the T2000:

  • 1 Flashlight ($54.00 per flashlight) – $54
  • 2 Flashlights ($45.00 per flashlight) – $90
  • 3 Flashlights ($40.00 per flashlight) – $120
  • 4 Flashlights ($39.00 per flashlight) – $156
  • 5 Flashlights ($37.00 per flashlight) – $185
  • 10 Flashlights ($33.00 per flashlight) – $330
  • 15 Flashlights ($31.00 per flashlight) – $465
  • 20 Flashlights ($30.00 per flashlight) – $600

You will never regret investing in the Tactical T2000 Flashlight. After all, you never know when you will need it. However, in an unsafe situation you may very well regret not having this tool on your person. When it comes down to it, owning this tactical flashlight could not only save your own life but the lives of people around you. Protect yourself in almost any situation by investing in a Tactical T2000 Flashlight today. Go to the website and order yours now.
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Secure your Future with the Tactical T2000 Flashlight

A tactical flashlight has multiple uses that are each useful in different situations. A reliable, powerful light is useful in any dark space, to illuminate escape paths, find things and expose threats. The strobe effect can be used to temporarily blind any attacker or intruder, and the SOS mode is useful for alerting someone to your presence. Finally, the T2000 doubles as a portable weapon that is strong and easy to use.

With the incredible discount of 75% off the original price, now is the best time to purchase your T2000 flashlight. You will not find a better offer than this on such a high quality tactical flashlight that has been designed and created with you in mind.


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